May 5, 2023

CommunityHealth is Now on TikTok!

CommunityHealth continues to evolve with the changing circumstances of our world.

From updating our eligibility with Illinois insurance plans to opening our doors to migrants displaced by crises, we continue update our processes even in our 30th year.

In offering free Health Education classes, such as weekly cooking, yoga, and Women’s Wellness workshops, we learned that many of our patients use TikTok to learn about self-care and healthy habits. 

To meet our communities where they are at, CommunityHealth launched our first TikTok channel on May 1st, 2023.

    CommunityHealth recognizes that accessibility is the expansion of resources into mediums inclusive to different cultures and cognizant of different abilities. 

    TikTok will more than provide resources beyond clinic doors. The channel will offer a trauma-informed visibility so patients can see the compassionate, patient, and culturally competent providers that will serve them.

    Vulnerable patient populations are less likely to seek help through institutions and organizations because they are often at-risk for persecution and invalidation.

    For patients living undocumented, trusting resources and sharing confidential information is often a threat to their livelihood.

    We understand the importance of patients knowing exactly what to expect when they enter the clinic, especially if they have not received health care before.

    We believe this is where TikTok comes in.

      Patients can expect TikTok videos on resources like…

      • Narcan administration
      • Proper medication disposal
      • Healthy Homes practices
      • Volunteer spotlights
      • Event recaps
      • And more!

      Watch our event recap about the 9th Annual All In Breakfast Summit, The New Normal, hosted at The Metropolitan on Thursday, May 4th, for an idea of what we will be posting.

      CommunityHealth invites our volunteers to be featured on our new channel.

      To kick off the TikTok launch, we posted about “How to Measure Your Heart Rate” in collaboration with Dr. Tochi Okwuosa, DO of RUSH University Medical Center.

      For patients living with Diabetes and/or chronic conditions, learning how to monitor daily measures of well-being can be the difference between early, preventative treatment and thousands of dollars on urgent, critical medical procedures.

      CommunityHealth saves the medical industry hundreds of thousands of dollars in emergency room expenses through such intervention.

      If you are a volunteer or community partner who would like to share free resources, advice, and information, such as easy yoga poses to practice during work breaks, please reach out to our Development & Communications Coordinator to showcase your intersectional skills and passions as a health care provider.

      Follow us on TikTok to learn more about the providers at our clinic, the resources we provide, and the events we host!