May 3, 2023

Block Club Chicago Reports on Medical Care for Migrants

Block Club Chicago reports on organizations across Chicago and their responses to the influx of migrants from social, political, and environmental upheaval. 

Considering “Chicago has already been pushed to the max trying to find shelter for the waves of migrants arriving in recent weeks,” Block Club connected with leaders of community organizations to learn more about how they “need more supplies and helping hands to provide the latest wave of migrants with basic needs, medical care and legal help.”

Director of External Affairs at CommunityHealth, Laura Ciresi Starr, sat down with Mark Liederman of Block Club Chicago to talk about the clinic’s adaptation to ongoing crises as a safe space for immigrants.

Starr explains how free health care services like vaccination administration and primary care evaluations have supported migrants during these transitions.

“Just about everyone that has been on this journey to Chicago is in need of some sort of medical service and attention. And we’re anticipating a very significant increase here.” – Laura Ciresi Starr (Director of External Affairs at CommunityHealth)

She goes on to thank community partners like Cook County Health who extend support for specialty care beyond clinic capacity, such as prenatal care for expecting mothers.

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