March 25, 2024

What We’re Excited for in 2024

After celebrating 30 Years of Care throughout 2023, CommunityHealth is excited to launch its first year of the new three-year strategic plan to continue eliminating barriers, expanding access, and ensuring Quality Health Care For All.

Whether the focus is to open new access points, offer scheduling for urgent needs, or increase providers of mental health services, the shared goal across teams is to center the patient voice as a means for culturally competent care.

As one of the largest volunteer-based free clinics in the nation that has stepped in and stepped up throughout landscape changes like Medicaid redetermination, the COVID-19 pandemic or the ongoing migrant crisis, CommunityHealth recognizes that there exists a bridge to be built between the urgent need for care and the medical home we offer.

With pillars of Philanthropy, Partnership, and Volunteerism, CommunityHealth continues to innovate in its multifaceted missions, such as training the next generation of health care providers through collaboration with medical and education institutions.

Learn more about CommunityHealth’s four goal areas over the next three years to continue meeting our communities where they are at with leadership that comes from and represents the populations we serve….

Expanded Access of Care Delivery Model

Meet the holistic needs of every patient who lacks access in Illinois.

“I am so excited about kicking off our new Strategic Plan in 2024! The plan touches every aspect of our operations, all with an aim to bring new and innovative approaches to achieving our Mission. I am particularly interested in our expansion efforts, the work we are doing with Community Health Workers and elevating our role as a health equity pillar in state and national discussions.”
Megan Doerr

Vice President of Strategy & Operations

Community Engagement & Outreach

Increase engagement in targeted communities to promote access and trust.

“In 2024, I’m looking forward to deepening engagement with our community members. We have a new program in the works that will provide structure for supporting CommunityHealth in a variety of ways. I’m excited to connect with patients and empower them to share their stories.”
Alice Woo

Funder and Donor Relations Manager

Workforce Stewardship

Cultivate a workplace culture of growth and inclusion.

“The Health Education and Outreach team and I are thrilled to embark on a new year and initiate the execution of our strategic plan. Our primary focus for this year is to extend our outreach to new populations, enhance the scope of our community health worker program, and fortify the link between patients and leadership. This commitment ensures that patients play a pivotal role in influencing positive changes at CommunityHealth, underscoring the importance of their voices in shaping our shared journey towards better health care.”
Daniela Acacio

Health Education & Outreach Manager

Funding the Mission

Develop new and innovative funding approaches to build sustainability and drive growth.

“When we think about access points for how people are getting to CommunityHealth, every partner is an additional door for them to receive the services that they need. New partnerships means new opportunities. We may not be able to do everything but, when we have partnerships, we can work together to make expand each of our strengths and address all the factors that impact health care.”
Laura Ciresi Starr

Director of External Affairs

Even in our 30th year, CommunityHealth reached these new heights of an expanded access of care delivery model by installing an online scheduling system linked to the Patient Portal.

We increased community outreach and engagement through offering in-person Health Education workshops and classes for the first time since the pandemic.

We strengthened workforce stewardship by introducing the second year of the Healthy Homes project facilitated by a former patient and graduate of the program.

And we evolved the funding of the mission with exciting new grants from our longtime allies and friends at Lundbeck.

But we are just getting started.

To achieve each of the four goal areas for the new three-year strategic plan, CommunityHealth is prioritizing six strategic initiatives in which we will…

Expand our footprint and strengthen services to improve access and the patient experience to support continued high-quality care.

Increase engagement in targeted communities to promote access and trust.

Develop new and innovative funding approaches to build sustainability and drive growth.

Cultivate a positive workplace culture of growth and inclusion.

Diversify and support strategic partnerships that amplify our mission’s impact.

Elevate our role as an integral part of the healthcare network, and advocate for underresourced communities.

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