January 3, 2024

Join the January Walking Challenge

The Health Education theme of the month is fitness.

The Health Education team at CommunityHealth observes fitness during January.

To start the year off strong, CommunityHealth invites you to join the January Walking Challenge.

Participants who enter and walk the most steps throughout the month have the chance to win a…

  •  FitBit
  • Water Bottle
  • Yoga Mat

Join the Challenge.

Are you ready to show yourself how strong you are? 

Here’s how you can enter to win…

  1. Challenge yourself to walk more. Join the CommunityHealth Walking Challenge for a chance to WIN a FitBit, water bottle, or yoga mat.
  2. Keep track of your steps throughout the month of January.
  3. Submit photo evidence of your steps by February 3rd, 2024, on the website.

Get inspired and start the new year off healthy with more steps and less stress.

Andrea Vasquez Hernandez won a FitBit for the Walking Challenge in 2023.