December 13, 2023

International Migrants Day

December 18th is International Migrants Day.

CommunityHealth more than celebrates but welcomes migrants with dignity, integrity, and respect.

As the largest volunteer-based free clinic in the nation, we are committed to serving culturally competent care to the uninsured, underserved, and undocumented with over 20 specialties in their native languages.

With international and multicultural staff, our Health Education team represents the diversity and inclusivity that we prioritize on the front line as we step in and step up for migrants seeking asylum in Chicago.

Our Health Education team are truly the heroes of health care as they have supported our new neighbors during every mobile care clinic at the police precincts, registering migrants as new patients with our clinic and resource mapping for services beyond our focus.

Meet the Heroes of Health Care…

Daniela Acacio

📍 Merida, Venezuela

Health Education & Outreach Manager

International Migrants Day is pivotal for CommunityHealth, reflecting our commitment to inclusive health care. Embracing diversity strengthens our global community and aligns with our vision for equitable well-being without borders.”

Zeneida Urena

📍 Quito, Ecuador

Outreach Worker

“Para mi el Dia del Migrante es importante, hacer el gran cambio en nuestras vidas de dejar a lo mas preciado, la familia y todo nuestro entorno no es facil. Tenemos que ser fuertes y valientes y nunca olvidar nuestras raices, sobretodo el porque estamos aca, luchar para cumplir nuestras metas y suenos para que todo esto valga la pena.”

Angelica Gomez

📍 Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico

Outreach Worker

“To me, celebrating migrants means celebrating the human spirit. The will and determination to make the long arduous journey in search of and in hopes of a better life, either out of necessity or for other reasons, is something to acknowledge and celebrate.”

Daniel Espinoza

📍 Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Outreach Worker

“Celebrando en este dia que los migrantes enriquecen nuestra comunidad con su valiosa contribucion, aportando diversas perspectivas, talentos y una riqueza cultural que fortalece el tejido de nuestra sociedad. Su esfuerzo y diversidad son pilares fundamentales para un futuro mas vibrante y comprensivo.”

Marzena Zagata

📍 Gronków, Poland

Outreach & Care Management Worker

“This day is a recognition of the diverse mix of people from various parts of the world coming together, weaving a closely connected global community. Every migrant signifies that, despite cultural and language differences, we are all part of a shared human experience. It highlights equality, reminding us that, no matter where we come from, we all play a meaningful part in the connected world of humanity.”

CommunityHealth is a proud medical home for migrants.

Quality Health Care For All starts with leaders who represent, understand, and come from the very communities we serve.

CommunityHealth’s devotion to welcoming migrants with open arms (and free health care!) is what makes us More Than A Free Clinic.