June 16, 2023

Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month!

CommunityHealth believes that health care is a human right.

All intersections of identity, including the LGBTQIA+ community, deserve safe access to Quality Health Care.

So in a nation where it has historically been unsafe for people to identify as queer, our clinic doors are open to serving and empowering our LGBTQIA+ friends during Pride Month and beyond.

Pride is more than a month but a practice. 

As a woman-led organization serving free health care to the underserved and uninsured, our clinic prioritizes health care providers with lived experience that patients can relate to.

Cultural competency is the basis of our care with a native language guarantee, employment of our patient population, free Narcan kits, and more.

CommunityHealth is a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our clinic not only serves but celebrates our LGBTQIA+ allies.

Offering comprehensive services from primary and specialty care to dentistry to mental health counselling and more, CommunityHealth is proud to offer life-saving gynecology and gender-affirming treatment to patients at no cost.

Quality Health Care requires that patients can trust their providers and disclose themselves transparently.

CommunityHealth has standardized the introduction of pronouns, showcases a Pride flag in the waiting room year-round, and offers free condoms as well as pregnancy tests throughout the clinic.

Pride starts from within.

Alice Woo (she/they) is not only the Foundation Relations Manager at CommunityHealth but also the leader of the internal DEI Council.

The DEI Council works to implement best practices that ensure patients, staff, and volunteers alike maintain the opportunities to live healthily and fulfill their potential in clinic spaces.

To open conversations on queer inclusivity, the DEI Council launched the new “Question of the Month Board” with a special focus on Pride Month, anonymously asking folx…

“Do you or someone you love identify as LGBTQIA+?”

More so, we are excited to host The Chicago Women’s Health Center for a workshop on “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,” an interactive and engaging training that teaches tools to build affirming and safe spaces.

And to ensure proper screening of and response to Social Determinants of Health relating specifically to sexual and gender identity, CommunityHealth is looking forward to learning about “Gender Expansive Care” through a presentation by Planned Parenthood.

“To me, pride is all about the right to self-determination. I’m not interested in letting anyone else tell me who or how I’m supposed to be. I believe everyone has that right, and I appreciate my amazing colleagues at CommunityHealth who have always made me feel supported. I’m so grateful to work with people I feel I can share my authentic self with.”

Alice Woo

Foundation Relations Manager

Everybody has sexual and gender orientation.

Discrimination upon sexual and gender identity determines access to care, physical health, and emotional well-being.

So the Health Education team at CommunityHealth also advocates for Men’s Health throughout June.

Conversations about health can be stigmatized for men. 

Our clinic offers space for individuals who identify as male to safely understand, express, and learn their wellness.

Through these resources, such as monthly Women’s Wellness workshops, CommunityHealth welcomes all gender and sexual orientations to build resilience through free health care that is based in dignity.

Homophobia and hate have no home here.

To our LGTBQIA+ community, we respect you.

We accept you.

We welcome you.

Schedule a visit at CommunityHealth to learn more about our free gender-affirming care, mental health counselling, STD/HIV lab testing, and more.