May 23, 2023

Dr. Fiala on NPR

CommunityHealth offers sleep medicine in our medical home.

Dr. Justin Fiala, a physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, has introduced sleep medicine at CommunityHealth.

After training at CommunityHealth as a medical student through the  University of Illinois at Chicago Urban Medicine program, Dr. Fiala led the launch of our first sleep clinic in 2021 where he launched the Patient-Centered Apnea Protocols (CHI-PAP) initiative.

With over 100 hours of service, Dr. Fiala won the Volunteer Specialist of the Year in 2022 for his innovation, such as the implementation of 3D printing for sleep apnea masks and the stewardship of CPAP Machines free to patients.

Dr. Justin Fiala talked about our sleep clinic with NPR.

CommunityHealth was featured on the 1A podcast on May 23, 2023.

Dr. Fiala explains the intricacies of his 50 + unique outpatient visits, sometimes even including at-home sleep studies.

Listen to “In Good Health: Living with Sleep Disorders” to learn more.