March 11, 2024

Creating a Win-Win: An Academic-Practice Partnership in Nurse Practitioner Training

“Schools of nursing are challenged by increasing demand for clinical placements. Free and charitable clinics provide needed primary care to under-resourced populations. Academic–practice partnerships afford schools of nursing the opportunity to develop training programs to address clinical placement shortages.”
ScienceDirect reports on the study of CommunityHealth’s training programs for nurse practitioners in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners featuring Emily Hendel, Director of Clinical Services, and Margaret Bavis, DNP, assistant professor at our partner RUSH University and nurse practitioner here at CommunityHealth.
The publication reviews a ten-year academic practice partnership that led to successful outcomes for all parties and to the development of a novel group nurse practitioner training model.

Emily Hendel

Director of Clinical Services

Margaret Bavis, DNP

Assistant Professor at RUSH

Successes included the 300% increase of nurse practitioner clinical placement opportunities as well as the establishment of a dedicated site for doctoral nurse practitioner quality improvement projects.

The article highlights our exemplar academic–practice partnership which leverages the benefit of nurse practitioner training and curriculum while also improving access to primary care.

Read about CommunityHealth’s strategy to establish nurse practitioner clinical training sites for our Midwest-based school of nursing which have been insufficient to meet demand in the health care safety net.