August 22, 2023

CommunityHealth CEO Writes to the Chicago Sun-Times

“We did not create this humanitarian crisis, but we are responsible for it.”

Our Chief Executive Officer, Stephanie Willding, MPA, writes to the Chicago Sun-Times on the mobile care units that our clinic has deployed to police precincts for asylum seekers since May.

“Without these interventions at the local, state and national levels, we will remain in a fight we cannot win. Each day we go without these actions is another day that a bus full of asylum seekers arrives, and we have nowhere for them to go, aside from the floor of a police precinct. We must do better.”

Revolutionary leaders like Steph call on support from political leaders at the state and federal level for funding and collaboration.

As organizations and allies in the sanctuary city of Chicago work tirelessly to help asylum seekers build safe and fulfilling lives in our sanctuary cities, Steph acknowledges that “the path we are on, despite monumental efforts, is not enough.”