August 3, 2021

All In™ Chicago: The Breakfast Summit

The Breakfast Summit: COVID-19’s Footprint and Chicago’s Next Steps

September 1st, 9am CST


2018 Breakfast Summit

The annual Breakfast Summit is the first event of the All In™ Chicago series. Though it is happening virtually again this year, the Breakfast Summit is nonetheless an incredible opportunity to learn from and get to know  professionals within the world of health care.

This year, the Breakfast Summit will focus on COVID-19’s footprint and Chicago’s next steps as we transition  to post-pandemic life. Our host is Brian Marsella, the Market President of the Midwest Region for Cigna, a multinational healthcare and insurance company. Speakers will touch on equity in healthcare—or the lack thereof. While we all weathered the same storm this past year, it’s important to recognize that some of us did so from the comfort of a luxury yacht, while others faced the turbulent waves in nothing but a rowboat. COVID-19 did not affect all demographics equally. Our keynote speaker, cardiologist Dr. Clyde Yancy, currently serves as Vice Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at Northwestern Medicine. His speech will address these inequities, setting the tone for the remainder of the event.

2019 Breakfast Summit panel

The Breakfast Summit will also feature a panel moderated by CommunityHealth CEO Stephanie Willding. We’re so excited to be joined by speakers who are familiar with the nuances of health care policy, medical care and technology, and patient experiences. We have no doubt that this year’s panel will be an informative and important experience for all involved.

Another component to our Breakfast Summit will be Dr. Julie Morita’s Special Remarks. Dr. Morita serves as Executive Vice President for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the United States’ largest philanthropy focused solely on health. We’re so excited to welcome Dr. Morita to the Breakfast Summit, and we look forward to hearing her words of wisdom!

2017 Breakfast Summit keynote address

We’re hopeful that next year’s Breakfast Summit will once again be in-person, but for now we are sticking with virtual to maintain everyone’s health and safety. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the All In™ Chicago Breakfast Summit will be an incredible chance for connection and education, as it always has been. We invite you, our community members, to join us September 1st at 9am CST!

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photos from Breakfast Summits 2015-2019