August 21, 2021

All In™ Chicago: Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid Training

co-presented by American Muslim Health Professionals

September 18, 2021 | 11AM CST


In continuation of our emphasis on mental health, CommunityHealth is proud to partner with the organization American Muslim Health Professionals to present a virtual Mental Health First Aid Training session. It’s likely that you’re familiar with CPR, heart attack, and/or stroke first aid training, as these courses are regularly required for providers and caretakers of all kinds. When it comes to mental health, however, most people remain unprepared in the event of an emergency. Panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, self-harm behavior, schizophrenic episodes—these are just a few ways that mental illness can manifest itself in a person’s behavior. When mental health crises escalate, the results can be as harmful as any other emergency, and it’s imperative that we make mental health first aid training a standard part of our toolkit when it comes to dealing with emergencies.

Next month, we will be joined by Omar Shareef, licensed psychiatrist and mental health first aid instructor, and Yasmin Irfani, the Youth Programs Director at the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Our guests will be joining us from opposite coasts–New York and California, respectively, so we’re pleased to be able to host them virtually and invite participants from all over to join us. However, to ensure that everyone has a chance to put the skills they learn into practice, this event has a 30-person limit.

Unlike the panel and discussion-based events in the All In™ Chicago series, participants of this Mental Health First Aid Training will walk away with a set of practical skills. Register now to broaden your abilities and ensure that you are well-equipped in case of a mental health emergency!