August 9, 2021

All In™ Chicago: Fictional Science

Fictional Science: Imagining Healthy Futures for All

co-presented by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago

September 9th, 11am CST


Exactly one month from today is our second All In™ Chicago event!!

We are thrilled that Aisha Davis, Director of Policy for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, will one of our two speakers for this event. Aisha’s work at AFC involves monitoring and analyzing federal policy as it relates to people living with or vulnerable to HIV, including federal healthcare policy and Medicaid. Prior to joining AFC, Aisha has dedicated her legal career to civil and human rights advocacy, and has worked both domestically and internationally. Although she calls Chicago home, Aisha was born in Washington, DC and raised there and in Prince George’s County, MD. Growing up near the nation’s capitol inspired Aisha’s passion for advocacy, and her family’s influence sparked her desire to use her voice for the betterment of her community. She obtained her JD from Columbia Law School and LLM from the University of London in Human Rights, Conflict, and Justice, completing the degree program with a dissertation on intersectionality and international human rights. (photo and biography from


Our second speaker comes from Pride Action Tank, a project founded by AFC that seeks to advocate for and take action in pursuit of opportunities for LGBTQ+ communities in the Chicago region. Kim L. Hunt, Executive Director of Pride Action Tank, drives the innovation, collaboration and learning necessary to make Pride Action Tank a leader in improving the health, safety and progress of individuals and groups within the LGBTQ+ community. Ms. Hunt is responsible for launching and operating new initiatives under AIDS Foundation Chicago and also serves as the Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy Operations there. In these roles, she builds relationships among stakeholders and a culture that enables inclusion and innovation by ensuring that all participants can fully participate in co-creating ideas and community. Operationally, she leads program development, fundraising efforts, staff engagement and development, media relations, and communications to the media, and builds relationships with current and potential collaborators and stakeholders. Ms. Hunt received the Human Rights Campaign Community Leader Award in 2019 in recognition of her incredible work. (photo and biography from

Ms. Davis and Ms. Hunt will discuss the future of health care in regard to equity. Imagine a world where everyone has access to whatever health care service they might need. What does that world look like? How can we work to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, especially communities who have been disproportionately affected by environmental factors? How does one’s identity affect one’s health, and how can we as health care providers work to alleviate the damage dealt to historically marginalized communities?

If these questions intrigue you, then this is the All In™ event for you! This event will take place virtually on Sept. 9th at 11am CST. There is no required donation, but as always, we could not provide our services without our gracious donors, and we thank you in advance for your generosity.