August 28, 2021

All In™ Chicago: Cabaret

All In™ Cabaret

presented by the CommunityHealth Associate Board

September 22, 2021 | 7PM CST


Performers Alex Kumin and Chad the Bird at the 2019 Cabaret.

The CommunityHealth Associate Board presents the annual All In™ Cabaret, a night of comedy and entertainment! We’re so excited to feature puppet performer Chad the Bird, this time as our emcee. Our other performers are equally talented and engaging artists.

This year we welcome comedian/pianist Bill Larkin, singer/songwriter Chris Zonada, and showgirl pianist Jessica Sunset. Comedian Alex Kumin, whose presence at the All In™ Cabaret is basically tradition, will also be returning to the virtual stage.

Please join us in sharing music and laughter on September 22nd at 7PM! Tickets are available now!