October 3, 2023

All In at Just Roots

Let’s talk about health care in Chicago.

The 2023 All In series has been a success with events offering education, thought leadership, and networking to everyone from industry professionals to corporate partners to community leaders to students and more.

Considering that All In builds bridges for advocates to ensure every Chicagoan has access to the right health care at the right time in the right place, it is critical to focus the conversation on the patients whose access we are fighting for.

So for the last event of the 2023 All In event series, the Health Education team here at CommunityHealth is partnering with Just Roots Chicago to offer our second annual patient-centered All In workshop at no-cost to our communities’ families.

We are leading the fight for access.

And your participation in the All In series makes Quality Health Care For All a reality.

As the largest volunteer-based free clinic in the nation, serving over 20 specialties to at-risk and vulnerable populations living without insurance for 30 years, CommunityHealth prioritizes pillars of Volunteerism, Partnership, and Philanthropy.

Through these values, our Health Education team specializes in expanding free resources through offering classes, such as Take Action! in parternship with the Urban Medicine Program (UMED) at University of Illinois Chicago to teach patients how to live healthily and safely with diabetes, with a focus on nutrition.

CommunityHealth is More Than A Free Clinic thanks to our Health Education resources and classes that build resilience in our communities beyond clinic doors.

So for our upcoming All In event at Just Roots, we are delighted that over 130 patients reached out to…

Join The Conversation!

On Saturday, October 14th, patients are invited to Saint James Community Farm at Just Roots Chicago from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Just Roots will be offering a tour of the urban farm where community members can take home fresh produce.

The event will conclude with a culinary demonstration of sustainable and healthy cooking.

 Given our patient population, our hosts will present the free resources in Spanish.

Are you All In?

As discussed during conversations at previous All In events such as the 9th Annual Breakfast Summit as well as The Next Generation of Leadership and Redefining Access to Health Care, community collaboration is key to ensuring the health care safety net supports all intersections of identities.

CommunityHealth thanks our allies at Just Roots for their years-long partnership that has offered free events to patients, Civic Engagement opportunities for our staff to decompress at, and resources that expand the continuum of care from intervention to prevention through the power of nutrition.

Even with a fully operational lab, pharmacy, and dental clinic under one roof, CommunityHealth could not provide such comprehensive services without the collaboration of our partners… or without the support from donors like you.