February 14, 2024

Run for Health

CommunityHealth invites you to the second annual Run for Health on Sunday, May 5th, at the Little Cubs Field in Humboldt Park.

Join the 5K for a morning of community, fitness, and Cinco de Mayo celebrations hosted by the Associate Board with free snacks and beverages provided by Trader Joe’sEinstein Bros Bagels, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Enter the 5K for a chance to win one month of unlimited classes to Spynergy, valued at $149.

Early bird registration for discounted tickets is now open until February 29th.

Sign up and get training to show yourself how strong you are.

Interested in sponsoring the Run for Health?

CommunityHealth welcomes organizations, companies, and groups that support Quality Health Care For All to sponsor the Run for Health.

Contact our Events & Communications Manager, Olivia Metsa, to learn more about how you can help build healthy communities as a sponsor of the Run for Health.

Join the 30 Day Training Challenge

Are you excited for the Run for Health but don’t feel ready to complete a 5K and don’t know how to prepare?

CommunityHealth is hosting the 30 Day Training Challenge to teach you simple ways you can train for a 5K everyday with easy, fun, and healthy habits.

Participants of the 30 Day Training Challenge are entered to win a yoga mat or water bottle on top of unlocking a new level of vitality and wellness.

Week 1: Fitness

  • Walk to or park far from your destination.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or get off of the Metro/bus stop one stop early.
  • Take a walk after meals.
  • Dance around or clean the house.
  • Stand or do squats or leg lifts during an activity you would normally sit for.
  • Stretch before starting your day or before bed.
  • Try a 10 minute work out on Youtube or a try a free class.

Week 2: Nutrition

  • Eat greens/fiber before carbohydrates.
  • Drink water instead of soda, juice, milk, or alcohol.
  • Move for at least ten minutes within seventy minutes of eating.
  • Dress your carbohydrates with oils/fats, proteins, or fiber.
  • Start your day off savory instead of sweet.
  • Save your sweet treat for dessert.
  • Eat your meals in the following order: fiber/vegetables, proteins and fats, then sugars and starches (including fruit).

Week 3: Self-Care

  • Write down your intentions, schedule, or goals for the week.
  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb to minimize screen time and focus on your day.
  • Sleep at least 7 hours by going to bed earlier.
  • Decompress after work without technology.
  • Change something in your routine.
  • Spend an hour doing something you love or practicing/learning a new hobby.
  • Practice a morning routine without looking at your phone when you wake up.

Week 4: Community

  • Schedule an activity that you would normally do alone with someone you know.
  • Share the 30 Day Training Challenge with someone you know for bonus points.
  • Eat or cook tacos with someone in spirit of Cinco de Mayo.
  • Listen to, watch, read, or journal about someone that inspires you.
  • Spend time with yourself if you usually spends Thursdays with others or visa versa.
  • Say hi or smile at a stranger or your neighbor.
  • Contemplate or journal about what healthy relationships mean to you.

Enter to win a yoga mat or water bottle by posting a photo of each challenge completed to your story and tagging @CommunityHealthChicago or email all of your photos to our Events & Communications Manager.

Receive double the points per challenge if you recruit or complete with a friend!

Sign up for the 5k, sponsor the event, and start training with the 30 Day Challenge today… see you at the park!