October 11, 2023

Immunity for My Community

Protect Yourself, Proteja a Todos.

At CommunityHealth, we believe that to protect yourself is to protect others.

That’s why 100% of our staff are vaccinated against COVID.

And with an at-risk, vulnerable patient population that demonstrates high rates of chronic illness like diabetes, we advise all of our patients to get vaccinated as well.

In 2020, the leading cause of death in our main service area of Chicago’s West Side was COVID-19.

So, to more than save lives but also, to enhance the quality of our communities’ lives, we offer free COVID and flu vaccines to patients during respiratory season. 

Respiratory season spans from the beginning of the fall until the beginning of spring, typically from September to April.

However, the months with highest rates of respiratory illness are often December and January.

Considering vaccinations typically require around 2 weeks for the immune system to integrate their protective benefits, health care professionals suggest receiving vaccines early in the fall and early winter.

Different types of viruses may cause respiratory disease during this time, such as the flu, COVID, and even RSV.

The Health Education team here at CommunityHealth observed National Immunization Awareness Month during August to educate our communities on the benefits of vaccinations during respiratory illness season and beyond.

Immunity for My Community.

Vaccinations prepare the body to fight viruses, prevent serious illness, and help keep communities healthy.

The staff and volunteers here at CommunityHealth get vaccinated to protect their…

  • career
  • mental health
  • schedule
  • children
  • friends with chronic illness
  • and more!

CommunityHealth understands that vaccines protect not only our health but all elements of the lives we live and the communities we love.

Why do you get vaccinated?

Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease were also in the top ten causes of death on the West Side of Chicago during 2020.

Vaccines can have a significant, positive impact on life expectancy of individuals living with these conditions.

However, these conditions prove most common in marginalized identities presented with barriers to access, such as busy work schedules or childcare priorities.

Considering our patient population lives low income, uninsured, and often times without documentation, these conditions prove prevalant at all three of our locations.

Hence, to meet our communities where they are at, CommunityHealth now offers vaccine clinics every Saturday at our West Town clinic for patients who do not have the time to schedule an appointment.

Patients have the opportunity to sign up in the clinic, by phone, on the Patient Portal, or to simply walk in the day of.

However, retail pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS also offer free COVID vaccinations to both individuals living without insurance as well as those who maintain Medicaid (Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors and Adults) coverage. An appointment is required at these facilities.

Ask your doctor what vaccines are best for you.

You can schedule your vaccine and view your immunization records on the Patient Portal to check learn more about your current immunity.

And if you are not currently a patient with CommunityHealth, register with our clinic for free and quality health care or visit a vaccination facility near you.