September 8, 2023

Cheers to Over 10 Years with CommunityHealth!

CommunityHealth is celebrating 30 Years of Care… and 11 staff members who have been with us for over 10 years!

As the largest volunteer-based free clinic in the nation, serving at-risk and vulnerable populations living under the poverty line and without insurance, CommunityHealth prioritizes staff with lived experience who represent the populations that we service.

Patients, volunteers, and staff alike recognize how special our medical home is that offers over 20 specialties, services guaranteed in English, Spanish, and Polish, and a full-functioning lab, dental clinic, and pharmacy.

So as we honor the past 30 years of Quality Health Care for All and set goals for the next 30, our clinic also cherishes the more than 11 CommunityHealth unicorns who have worked with us for more than 10 years.

Learn more about the inspiring staff who have served with us for over a decade….

Megan is celebrating 16 years with CommunityHealth!

Megan Doerr (she/her)

Director of Planning & Special Projects

“I have been so fortunate to spend most of my career at CommunityHealth. Being surrounded by an infinitely talented team and having the opportunity to serve those in need has provided a fulfillment I know is rare and special.

While many things have changed over the years at CommunityHealth, one thing has always remained constant – we are a mission driven organization that puts patients first. This is what keeps me going.

Through this lens, so much can be achieved, especially when coupled with a culture of curiosity and innovation. This combination has provided for a challenging and rewarding work environment that I feel so lucky to be a part of!”

Gloria Alvarez (she/her)

Senior Manager of Clinic Operations & Lab Services

“I love working at CommunityHealth because we are able to make a difference where it really counts.

I receive such satisfaction to know that we are able to serve such a diverse population of patients, that we can make such an incredible impact in their life by providing access to health care and give them the opportunity to put their health first without having to worry about the burden of cost.

All patients deserve the best quality of care and should not be denied health care because they don’t qualify or cannot afford insurance.”

Gloria is celebrating 17 years with CommunityHealth!

Laura is celebrating 10 years with CommunityHealth!

Laura Ciresi Starr (she/her)

Director of  External Affairs

I am so incredibly proud to work at CommunityHealth; what we do is essential.

I love serving this mission, but even more than that, I stay because I love the people I get to do it with every day.

They are fierce, brilliant, and compassionate, and I’m honored to stand beside them.

Emily Hendel (she/her)

Director of Clinical Services

“For me, working at CommunityHealth means that every day I get to work with a team of incredible individuals all committed to the common goal of ensuring access to health care for those that have nowhere else to turn.

Every day I’m able to go home knowing that I made a difference for someone.

Emily is celebrating 19 years with CommunityHealth!

Marcia is celebrating 13 years with CommunityHealth!

Marcia Gaston (they/she)

Patient Services Coordinator

Working here at CommunityHealth these last 13 years has been an incredible journey for me, from first starting at the Englewood location in 2010.

Seeing the patients who walk through those doors receiving free health care is gratifying. I smile seeing them smile, knowing they will receive the best high quality health care.

I have amazing co-workers at the front desk, an amazing supervisor, and all other departments are wonderful and always willing to help. It is an honor and privilege to work with such an amazing team.

Knowing that I am a part of a great organization with the mission to provide quality health care is a great feeling and very exciting!”

Vickie Chester (she/her)

Patient Access Manager

“It has been an absolute pleasure providing services for those in need for the past 10+ years.

Interacting with patients from various backgrounds and communities, learning about their needs, and working hard to ensure we meet those needs is the most gratifying experience!

I am honored to tell people about CommunityHealth and the great things we do as leaders in the free and charitable space.

My experience would not be as fulfilling without the support of the organization as a whole, and the wonderful colleagues I work so closely with.

I am honored to call CommunityHealth my second home.

Vickie is celebrating 11 years with CommunityHealth!

Cheers to over ten years with CommunityHealth!

Thank you to our compassionate, patient, and openminded staff that make us More Than A Free Clinic.

As look forward to 30 more years of building resilience in our communities, CommunityHealth thanks our trailblazing team members who continue to create cultural competency in our care.

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