August 16, 2021

All In™ Chicago: Rethinking Space and Place for Care

Rethinking Space and Place for Care

co-presented by Empowering Church Health Outreach

September 16, 2021 | 11AM CST


The location where patients must go to receive care is at the heart of accessibility, and that means it’s time to redesign the traditional place for health care. From co-location with a church or a car mechanic, to creating a model for assisted telehealth, free and charitable clinics are taking the lead in meeting people where they are and improving health outcomes for their communities. Our microsite in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood is a project we are extremely proud of; patients no longer have to make the lengthy commute to our West Town location for appointments that can be administered via video call and supplemented by Onward House staff members.

CommunityHealth strives to facilitate a safe space for patients of all backgrounds. The majority of our clients are undocumented; we wouldn’t be able to give them the care they need were it not for the incredible trust they have in us. How can we maintain that trust, and communicate a dynamic that prioritizes the well-being of our patients above all? How can we combat the general mistrust that many individuals have towards the health care industry? Honoring the historical medical discrimination that many groups have faced while also encouraging individuals to engage with health care professionals is our responsibility. As providers of care, it’s deeply important to reflect on the space that we create in our clinics. How will that space evolve as telehealth medicine becomes a common practice?

Joining us for our discussion are the following clinic leaders:

Breanna Lathrop
Chief Operating Officer and Nurse Practitioner at the Good Samaritan Health Center
Atlanta, GA

Cristy Daffron
Campus Chair of Nursing at Jefferson State Community College
Pell City, AL

Josh Roberts
President at ECHO
Memphis, TN

And of course, our fearless leader here at CommunityHealth, CEO Stephanie Willding, will be engaging in the conversation as well.

We’re so happy to welcome guests from around the country! This is one of the benefits of the virtual event space. We’re really looking forward to hearing our guests’ insight on the significance of place when it comes to providing care.

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